Real Estate Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Real Estate Companies and Their Agents

Mactec Electrical guarantees that you will be 100% happy with our work or we will refund the labour charges. Please note that you must state clearly why you are not 100% happy with Mactec’s work in writing addressed to the director and allow Mactec to rectify the situation before a refund is given. This guarantee is not valid in relation to pricing.

Outstanding Invoices

It is the responsibility of the property manager that all invoices are paid with in the time specified on the invoice. If there is a problem and the real estate company loses management, then Mactec must be notified immediately and all the owners details such as full name, living address, mobile number, house number and email address and must be forwarded to Mactec within 14 days of losing management or the real estate company take ownership of the invoice and will pay any/all outstanding amounts.

All surveys are invite from the director/manager only.

All other Mactec Electrical terms of trade are applicable.

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