It’s that time of year, when colorful Christmas lights line up the streets or lighten up every home adding delight and entertainment of the silly season. But before you start decorating your own home with these colorful lights, you must remember some important safety tips to avoid electrical accidents.

Follow the Standards

Always buy Australian-compliant Christmas lights. This means that these lights have passed the Australian standard for Christmas lights. Avoid buying those that can be bought online. Usually, these Christmas lights have been manufactured outside of Australia and did not undergo testing as per the standards.

Test, test, test!

Always conduct testing before using Christmas lights especially if they’re already outdated. Check for loose or exposed wires and damaged lamp holders or plug. It’savoid electrical accidents on christmas lights also important to double check with the manufacturer if your old Christmas lights have not been part of a product recall. At some point, manufacturers recall a product when there’s ample proof for defect. Electrical accidents happen when you continue to use faulty or damaged lights.

It’s also important to test not just your lights but your smoke alarms and RCDs or safety switches. Make sure they are working 100%. In case of fire or electric shock, these tools can help eliminate or reduce the risk.

You may want to consult your trusted electrician Perth regarding checking sockets, smoke alarms or safety switches.

Avoid Overloading

Most people are guilty of this problem. To avoid electrical accidents, avoid overloading your sockets with extensions. Ideally, one socket can only service one plug. Too many devices or appliances in one socket can possibly cause overheating and fire. If you are not sure about your load, try using an online socket overload calculator.

Show Wires

You may want to hide those wires from your Christmas lights to avoid tripping or to make your living room more visually appealing. However, this is not good. Hiding wires like putting them under the carpet or covering them may cause electrical accidents. Electrical cords should cool down naturally. Covering them will only trigger more heat and may eventually cause fire.

Turn Off When Not In Use

Lastly and probably the most important tip, turn off lights when not in use. Yes, your Christmas lights may look good in your living room at night but leaving them on while everyone goes to sleep is another potential electrical accident. Lights when turned on longer may overheat and cause fires. Hence, before going to bed or leaving your place, make it a habit to always turn off the lights or any other electrical appliance when not in use.

If you find problems on your Christmas lights, sockets, or any other electrical devices, always get the services of a licensed electrician Perth. Never attempt to fix it yourself.

Follow these tips to reduce or avoid electrical accidents and enjoy a better, brighter and safer Christmas.

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