Let’s face it. Your home is your most valuable assets. Securing your home will always be your priority. This means ensuring your home is fireproof or accident proof at least especially when you have electrical jobs to be done at home. So, when things like installing new lights or power suddenly going out whenever you turn on the air-conditioner, you wouldn’t want to settle for a do-it-yourself job.

Hiring the services of a Perth electrician goes beyond than just checking wires and switchboards. For a complete electrical work done by a qualified electrician, all components must be thoroughly checked. Top-notch electrical work does not just rely on the homeowner’s complaint or request. The electrician must check all electrical items within your home to ensure safety.


Before hiring an electrician in Perth, you must have a checklist. This checklist will serve as your guide so you won’t be tricked to unreasonable fees, sub-standard materials, and other unreliable services. This checklist will answer most of the usual questions that you may have when getting electrical work done in your home.

  1. Define the job

Before you hire an electrician Perth, identify the electrical job you want to be done. If you have a new home, it will be more than just electrical wiring, lights, and switchboards. You may also need to consider LED lighting instead of the traditional and home automation to conserve energy.

If it’s rewiring, fixing issues, or maintenance, you may also wish to consider converting to LED lights and turning your home into a smart home to save on electricity.

  1. Qualifications of the electrician

This is one of the most important part of the checklist. Only hire electricians who are licenced and qualified to do the job. There are some contractors who may offer electrical services but do not have the right qualifications. It is best to check their accreditation or affiliation to industry-related organizations.

  1. Warranty

Always make sure that your chosen Perth electrical contractor provide warranty on their work. This will ensure you that no work is left incomplete or of low quality.

Above all, make sure to that your electrician Perth only use quality materials to guarantee safety and durability.

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