At any cost, most of us want to “safe-proof” our homes – not only to secure our belongings and other material investments but also to safeguard our family. That is RCD safety switchwhy regulations and safety campaigns have been increasingly executed not just in the workplace but most importantly at home. Hence, the implementation of RCD safety switches, or more commonly known as safety switches, installation at homes have been the common topic.

Despite the enactment of laws on RCD installation in 2009, statistics showed that between 2000 and 2011 alone, more than 60% of the reported 321 cases of electrocution were unintentional. Between workplace and home, unintentional electrocution takes place frequently at home. Although electrocution is not included in the top 20 causes of death in Australia, still the increasing number of cases each year is alarming – considering the fact that these can be prevented.

RCD Saves Lives

Given the premise above, RCD can absolutely save lives. RCDs prevent electrocution by cutting the electrical supply if an imbalance in the current is detected. This imbalance happens when an accident with an equipment or a fault in the circuit that cause earth leakage. When this happens, RCD can detect it and automatically cuts the power.

Learn more about the consequences of not having RCDs installed in your homes. Check out this infographic. To learn more about RCDs and how to troubleshoot them, watch this video on How to Diagnose RCD Trip/Fault.

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