CLIPSAL SMOKE DETECTOR WARRANTY – Mactec Offers a 5 year comprehensive replacement warranty which covers both the faulty product and the labour to change it (Subject to Clipsal’s warranty statement).  Mactec extends this a further 5 years subject to an annual compliance check and test done by Mactec electrical each year of the life of the smoke detector.

Mactec’s IP – Mactec Electricals use of information and intellectual property is such and if forwarded or used by any third party to create a loss to Mactec. Parties responsible will be held wholly responsible for any/and all losses including all associated courts costs.

Mactec’s Annual Compliance Check – The service that Mactec Electrical provides under its check and test, security blind check and test is an indication only and must be treated as such. Mactec can not be held liable for any work done or for the findings or information of the report given. The test also does not cover the existing electrical installation and any part there of.