I remember in 2008 it was so hard to find a decent sparky that would not charge the earth. This was in direct relation to the skill shortage driven by the mining boom. Now in 2019 the boom has died down and now there has been an influx of electrical contractors recently in Perth. The criteria and eligibility to become an electrical contractor is so easy that a person that has just finished his apprenticeship, can go out acquire his contractors licence. The feedback we are hearing is that some of the persons gaining their contractors ticket are simply sub par in there workmanship and technical knowledge of the standards. 

So how do you find a good electrician in Perth? I will run you through some insider information and some tips and tricks to help you find the best electrician in Perth.

  1. Firstly, Look for a contractor with an EC licence that is low. The lower the EC number the longer the the company has been running for. Our EC number is 8716 and we have been trading for the last ten years. If thier EC number is lower than ours then they would of been trading longer and if its highter then not as long. You get the idea. What this does is you know that if you have any warranty issues they are more likely to be around in the future when the time arises if a warranty issue is found. It is common knowledge that new contractors are shutting down all the time. This is not good for the clients they have done work for as if there are any warranty issues they will not attend to them as they are no longer operating.
  2. I would also look at there ratings. With everything about a company being online now you can clearly see how they conduct themselves with the feedback and ratings that are left from clients on platforms like google, facebook, True local, etc. This is a great indication though but please find out where the reviews are coming from. It looks a bit weird when people from interstate and overseas leave 5 star reviews on local companies here in Perth. Just make sure they are genuine reviews.
  3. Find out what other jobs they have done before? See if the work they have done before relates to the work your wanting done. You don’t want to get an electrician that specializes in Solar doing your fault finding if the rcd has tripped. Good companies should have a page of work completed. Pictures of before and after etc.
  4. Do they provide free advice? Usually this is a good indication of the temperament of the electrical contractor.  Does he explain what can and cant be done and why. A great sparky will not only be knowledgeable, but will also explain it in a way that you can understand. If they are like this before any money is exchanged then you know that will most likely follow through the whole job and after care.
  5. What is the Warranty the offer? It should be clearly stated on there website and if not, make sure you ask when booking in the work or getting the quote. Any reputable company will always offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. With parts the warranty lies with the manufacturer but the company should cover both labour and parts during this period. Meaning that if any part they install becomes faulty in the manufacturers warranty time period they will come out and repair/replace the product and no cost to you.
  6. The most important thing that people overlook is are they insured and licenced? I know one would assume this but people have been caught out not being insured or even licenced. Every contractor should have Public Liabilty and workers compensation. You can perform a simple check on this link which is on the department of commerce page to see if they hold a current electrical contractors licence.

I hope these tips help you choose the right contractor for you. Do you have any more ideas to add when you are searching for a great electrical contractor in Perth. Let me know. You can reach out to me at Dave@mactecelectrical.com.au

Have a great day.

Dave Machura.

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