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As a homeowner, even if you have read or seen a lot of DIY videos online, you know that you still need the help of a professional electrical contractor in Perth when it comes to electrical matters such as changing smoke alarms or installing RCDs or safety switches.

With a number of regulations and laws created to safeguard houses, families, and businesses against electrical hazards, Perth electricians have proliferated. With so many to choose from, finding the best electrician in Perth can be challenging.

  • Make sure they are established

Choosing the best electrical contractors in Perth is not easy. That is why it is important to know some pointers before hiring one. And one of the most critical factor you need to consider is its reputation. If you want to hire professional electricians, choose an electrical contractor that has already established its name and reputation. The best way to check is through reviews and testimonials. But be wary of fake Google reviews as well. Some businesses create their own reviews to lure people.

  • Make sure the contractor has a place of business that they work from

Make sure it’s not just a rental home or  a virtual office they run their business from. This allows scrupulous trades to move on easily and not be accountable for their work. We hear all too common that people have warranty issues and they can not find the electrician that done the original work and so unfortunately they have to pay again to get the work repaired.

  • Make sure they are licensed and qualified

Are they really licensed electricians in Perth or are they marketers trying to break in the game? Some electrical contractors may offer services of electricians but may not have all the qualifications needed to deliver electrical services. Since you have high regard for your family’s safety and your most valuable assets, it is important to check on the qualifications and accreditation of your electrical contractor in Perth.

  • Make sure they are knowledgeable

Knowledgeable electrical contractors in Perth pursue continuing education and attend seminars to improve their skills. When your customers know you have these qualifications, they feel confident you can do the job well.

  • Make sure they are committed

When you hire an electrician in Perth, make sure they do what they say. Reliable electrical contractors in Perth should be punctual, they should not keep their customers waiting or reschedule a confirmed appointment. They should deliver the services as promised and value their customers with high regard.

Aside from these pointers, it is also critical to note the warranty provided by your electrical contractors in Perth. What does it cover and how long. Most problems can be evident from the start but others can take some time to reveal themselves. Make sure your contractor offers a warranty period that you are happy with.

Above all, know the people you engage. Know their history. All too often are we getting business men that are not electricians buying electrical companies. Although they get a qualified electrician to carry out the work, they themselves have no idea on electrical issues or how the industry works. We also find these business men offering great deals, but you will find that the work that has been preformed has been half done by either  using cheap parts or not done to regulations. If a deal is too good to be true, then it usually is.

You need to check also the kind of parts do they use. This always comes down to “You get what you pay for”  We stand by Clipsal as we get very few problems with Clipsal and any time we have had an issue. Clipsal has been there with great support and warranty. In recent years, we have heard of some horror stories of some electrical contractors that import their own parts straight from China. These parts are installed and have nothing but problems with them. I personally would rather pay a little extra and get something decent and with a history reliability. Excluding lamps, the parts installed by an electrical contractor should last for the life of the house.

Remember these pointers and you will find the best electrical contractor in Perth. Not all Perth electricians are the same so you need to do your homework before you hire them.

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