Safety Smoke AlarmIt’s not unusual in Australia to hear homes beeping in the middle of the night. These are caused by smoke alarms going off at night. There are a number of reasons and you may wonder what should be done for each cause. But first, you need to learn how to turn it off.

Reset – Like a typical way of troubleshooting computers where technicians tell you to always opt for reset before doing anything more complicated, turning off smoke alarms via reset button is your best bet.

Mute – Depending on the type and model of your smoke alarm, you can check if your smoke alarm has a mute button. Although most say it disables the alarm for only about 15 minutes, it’s still worth the shot.

Yes, these are all temporary solutions. So, if you want to find a definite cure to those unwanted chirping at 3 in the morning, find the real cause and solve it. It’s better to check this list and make sure to resolve it as any of these causes can trigger false smoke alarms.

  1. Batteries

It’s the common cause of smoke alarms going off at night. Batteries are usually at their lowest at night as they have been significantly drained within the day. Smoke alarms that have low batteries will most likely go off at night. Normally, smoke alarms would be emitting beeping sound to suggest replacement.

Your batteries may wear off faster than usual for smoke alarms that are hardwired. This means that if your main power or electricity had problems, the backup power from your smoke alarm’s batteries can run the system. So, it’s better to keep an eye on your batteries periodically.

  1. Manufacture date

Contrary to popular beliefs, smoke alarms do not last a lifetime. Even if it seems they have been there for the longest time and may not look faulty, they still need to be replaced. In fact, experts say they had to be replaced every 10 years.

  1. Dirt

Dust or insects can clog your smoke alarms. Keep them clean regularly by gently brushing or vacuuming them.

There may still be other causes but the key point here is maintenance and proper checking. Just remember, if you need to check on your smoke alarms, wiring, or need to replace them, it is best to hire professional electricians in Perth. DIY projects are good but nothing comes close to electrical safety.

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