The following Special Terms and Conditions supersede all other terms and conditions of Mactecs.

Cleaning After Work Completion: While we strive to clean up to the best of our ability, please be aware that a professional clean is not included in the quoted or unquoted work. If you require professional cleaning services, kindly inform our staff during the booking process, and we can arrange for a contractor to handle it. Additional charges may apply.

Downlights in Canisters:

Globe Replacements – Please note that we cannot be held responsible if fittings fall down when replacing globes, as they are not specifically designed for the canister. However, unless instructed otherwise, we always recommend upgrading the fittings to prevent such issues.

Upgrading to LED – We make an effort to add an additional grip to hold the light in the canister, but we cannot guarantee its effectiveness. This is because there are no purpose-built lights available that are designed to fit the older style canisters.

Retrofitting materials: It is important to be aware that certain materials used in retrofitting, such as light fittings and fans, may become obsolete and unavailable. These outdated fittings often have a significant environmental impact. Additionally, when installing new fittings, it is possible that they may not completely conceal any existing markings from the previous fittings. If there is a need to address these aesthetic concerns, additional trades may be required to complete the necessary finishing touches. Please note that this aspect is not included in the provided scope of work unless specifically requested.

Other Trades Required: Please be aware that occasionally, additional tradespeople such as cabinet makers, plumbers, ceiling fixers, or handymen may be necessary to complete the work. Unless explicitly stated in a pre-arranged quote, the cost for these additional trades will be an extra charge.